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    Alice in Wonderland Extended Trailer (via WaltDisneyStudiosNZ)

    Iā€™m glad this was released just after the abysmal soundtrack list was released so we can all be reminded that visually, this movie is going to be awesome & inspiring, even if Avril Lavinge is on the soundtrack.

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      Alice in Wonderland extended trailer :D Omg this looks like so much fun. Helena is adorable with her huge head and tiny...
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      Alice :”This is impossible.” Mad Hatter: “Only if you believe it is.” ahhhh cant wait!
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      Did I mention I’m going as Alice in Mardi Gras? Joana is going as the Hat guy, lol. Rafa is joining us too, wanna come...
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      I solemnly swear that i’ll go to the primiere of this movie,for whatever it takes!!!! OMG,just imagining seeing this...

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